Current Research

Current areas of research interest of the FCEL's team members can be summarised as follows:

  • Case study on the right to education;

  • Modernisation of educational legislation in Russia;

  • Implementation of international instruments in Russian educational legislation, including the new Federal Law on Education in Russia;

  • Private educational institutions in Russia: enhancement of legal status. Providing equal legal opportunity for public and private schools in Russia in context of the new educational legislation.

  • Elaboration of scientific basis of establishing a new complex branch of law – educational law. Contributing to introduction of “Educational Law” study course;

  • Contributing to development of regional education legislation. Decentralization and effective distribution of state power in governing educational issues in Russia.

  • Conferencing and training on educational legislation. Academic staff and management professional training and skill formation;

  • Publishing research results, scientific periodic, teaching aid and courseware etc;

  • Advocating students’ rights on all levels. Educational justice from school disciplinary commissions to the European Court of Human Rights. Elaborating model recommendations for conduct and speech codes in Russian schools, conflict resolving procedures.

  • Responsibility and liability of a school for the damage or the injuries of a child, according to new Russian legislation.

  • Community involvement in educational process and community responsibility in Russian educational legislation.

  • Fulfillment of the positive obligations of the State in Education. Role of laws and non-legal measures in dealing with the obligation to provide quality education in safe environment.