International Relations

Chapter 14 of the Federal Law on Education in Russian Federation No. 273-FZ of 29 December 2012 is dedicated to international cooperation in education.

International cooperation in the sphere of education is carried out to accomplish the following goals:

  1. expansion of opportunities for citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship to obtain access to education;

  2. coordination of interaction of the Russian Federation with foreign states and international organisations on the development of education;

  3. improvement of international and domestic mechanisms of development of education.

Russian Federation contributes to the development of cooperation between Russian and foreign educational organisations, international academic mobility of learners, pedagogical, scientific and other employees of the educational system, attraction of foreign citizens to study in Russian organisations, implementing educational activity, ensuring the mutual recognition of education and (or) qualification, participates in accordance with the international treaties of the Russian Federation in the activities of various international organisations in the sphere of education.

Both federal and regional authorities cooperate in the sphere of education with international organisations, foreign authorities, as well as with foreign non-governmental organisations within their competence, in the order, set out by the legislation of Russian Federation.

Organisations, included in the system of education, take part in international cooperation in the sphere of education through the conclusion of agreements on the issues of education with foreign organisations and citizens in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and in other forms, set by the Federal law and other normative legal acts of Russian Federation, particularly in the following areas:

  1. development and implementation of educational curricula and scientific projects in the sphere of education, in conjunction with international or foreign organisations;

  2. academic exchange of learners, pedagogical and scientific employees between Russian educational organisations and foreign educational organisations, which includes provision of special scholarships for studying abroad, as well as the admission of foreign students, pedagogical and scientific workers into Russian organisations, implementing educational activity for the purposes of education, advanced training and improvement of scientific and educational activities, including those in the framework of international academic exchange;

  3. undertaking joint scientific research, implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research in the sphere of education, joint innovative activity;

  4. participation in networks of realisation of educational curricula;

  5. participation in activities of international organisations and in carrying out international educational, scientific-research and scientific-technical projects, congresses, symposiums, conferences, seminars or independently carrying out the specified measures, as well as exchange of scientific and educational literature on bilateral and multilateral basis.