Research Team

FCEL’s research team comprises more than a hundred partner academics holding higher scientific degrees in educational science, educational law and legislation, legal science. This multidisciplinary team has comprehensive expertise on Russian education law and current policy issues. The team comprises experts with at least a PhD degree, publishing extensively on the right to education as a fundamental constitutional right and in connection with other fundamental rights, justiciability of the right to education, on civil issues of legal relations in education and on educational policy and legislation, on corruption in education and administrative accountability of educational institutions, on international collaboration and integration in higher education, economics of education, freedom of conscience as a fundamental right, on education policy as a function of a social (welfare) state.

Major Research Topics of the Research Unit:

  • The right to education as a fundamental right in connection with other human rights;

  • The role of international and domestic legal mechanism in enhancing justiciability of the right to education;

  • Socio-legal research on the effectiveness of educational legislation in Russia;

  • Implementing international standards of the right to education in Russian educational legislation and practice;

  • Finding the balance between public and private interests in education;

  • Private provision of public education;

  • Fighting poverty through education;

  • Eliminating discrimination and violence in education;

  • Fostering integration in higher education;

  • Elaboration and enforcement of Russian educational legislation;

  • Historical perspectives of education law in Russia;

  • Education law as a separate branch of law, academic discipline and field of science in Russia.